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What social distancing has taught me - Stuck in a Shoebox
Social Distancing Lessons,  Things to Do

What social distancing has taught me

This is my last week of classes. Not for the semester, not for the year, but for my entire undergraduate college career. Like many seniors in my position, they could have never imagined what the spring of 2020 would hold. We all had visions of celebrations, senior pictures, and just enjoying the time together before our friends spread back all over the country.

Since this is the last week it is my last blog post, my last “social distancing soapbox.” I have had so many things taken away from me in the last month and a half, some trivial some not. My internship was suspended. My best friend moved away. The spring break trip I planned was canceled. Graduation and senior year, in general, aren’t particularly picture-perfect, and lastly planning a wedding is almost impossible during a pandemic.

There were many days where it was hard not to dwell on those things. I am sure that I still will in the coming weeks. However, there were and are many days that are not that sense of dwelling.

All in all, social distancing has taught me so much. Most are cheesy, but they’re true

  • I know I am going to miss the weekday mornings spent in my comfy clothes holding my coffee mug scrolling on my laptop at 10:30 a.m.
  • There have been so many people I have gotten to connect or reconnect with. Whether it be an old friend or a connection on LinkedIn, I have had some really great conversations.
  • Hearing the 7 p.m. cheer every evening has been a great reminder of how great people really can be. The support for those supporting us is contagious.
  • As someone who loves living in a concrete jungle, nature is still so important. Taking a walk around the park and getting to see the beautiful flowers in bloom is so encouraging when everything around you seems not.
  • Laughter really is the best medicine. Especially if it is from a child on a walk with their parents. With being alone and there are fewer people out, you can really hear things. This sounds weird, but in a city with constant noise, things tend to drone into each other.
  • Most importantly, you are not in control. As someone who loves google calendar (I am the one who puts my brunch plans in AND sends an invite to my friend) you can’t plan it all. It can be a really humbling and freeing experience to admit you don’t have control. You can only do your best. When I was in high school and I would bring home a grade that wasn’t satisfactory my dad would ask, “Well, did you try your best?” If I had tried my best, then there wasn’t much I could do and if I didn’t I knew that I needed to work harder next time.

So as this time of social distancing continues, try your best. Your best might not be life-changing and it won’t solve all of your problems immediately but at least you knew that you gave it your best. That in itself is an accomplishment.

What are your lessons from social distancing? What have been silver linings throughout all of this? Comment below!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has read my blog! I appreciate it so much. It has been so fun getting to read your comments throughout all of this!


  • Karen

    Here are a few things I’ve discovered.
    •Life is short.
    •If I try I can bring sunshine to someone’s life.
    •There’s so much I want to learn.
    •My problems are small compared to many around me.
    •I’m blessed.
    •I’m not in control-God is!

    I’ve had so much fun reading your posts!
    I’m going to miss your blog!?

  • Denise Berwald

    What I have learned is that even the smallest gestures to reach out to others is a true blessing to them. The greatest blessing though is the one I receive knowing I put others before myself. Lauren, your blog has been a blessing to me. I will miss your weekly wisdom. Bless your next journey…..may you have the wedding of your dreams then KEEP ON TRAVELING.

  • Lana Davis

    As a senior in years but not in my heart I admire the challenge of your last four years and the exciting travel adventures that you have taken. This virus area will pass and you will go on to more challenges and greater heights. As for me, I don’t plan on letting grass grow under my feet and you will need to work hard to keep up with me. God bless!

  • Jack Davis

    I am so proud of you. Amazing four years to say the least. This storm we are traveling through has turned every person’s life differently. The storm is the same but we are not all in the same boat. I am so blessed to be in the boat I’m in right now. This storm has brought me closer to God through pray and word. It has reminded me over and over the importance of family and friends.
    We have all had our patience tested and that will continue. You are in such a great place in the life with so many wonderful things happening and great things to look forward to. Hard work and patience reaps positive rewards.
    Love and God Bless ! POPS

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