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How to travel the world from your couch - Stuck in a Shoebox
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How to travel the world from your couch

A sad, but trivial, aspect of the pandemic are all of the travel plans that were canceled. The day everything started to shut down was the day before I was supposed to leave for Greece, Paris, and Amsterdam. The world has been so upside down that I almost forgot I was supposed to go. That just feels like a different lifetime.

An aspect I have not forgotten however are the places I frequent in New York City, museums, parks, galleries, and other beautiful cultural institutions. While NYC hosts a great number of these, there are thousands all around the world lacking visitors. The internet is a great place for this, there are hundreds of thousands of resources on Youtube, Google itself, and more. Here is a list of 10 “places” you can visit soon and how to “get” there.

1. Visit Versailles

The palace is one of the most beautiful places and now you can view it from your home. There are virtual tours, VR experiences, videos, 3D models of everything within the palace. It is incredible that this is available. Now you can know everything about Versailles, the palace, art and more before you see it in person one day! Click the link attached here to visit your self.

2. Make pasta “in” Italy

Put your sourdough starter to the side for a bit and learn how to make pasta! While there are many tutorials on YouTube, there is an actual class you can take. The website describes your future instructor as, “This quintessential 84 year old Italian grandmother who has quickly become the face of Italian homemade pasta and AirBnb Experiences in Italy is going live with her cooking classes!” Click the link attached here to start your lessons ASAP!

3. Tour the Louvre

The Louvre is offering free tours on its website. You can now see some of the best exhibits and art pieces in the world just as they are displayed in Paris. When you get to visit the Louvre in person you will already know so much and can have your favorite rooms on the list to see. Click the link attached here to visit.

4. Go to all of the national parks in one day

World records will be hard to beat after this. Now you can tour and visit all of your favorite national parks. Park rangers will take you across tours of some of the most remarkable places in the United States. Attached here is the link.

5. “Sniff” the flowers at a Botanical Garden

Are your new gardening escapes taking awhile longer than you thought? You can take a virtual tour around some of the most beautifully created aspects of nature. Perhaps you will get some inspiration for your own backyard while you are at it! Click the link here to visit.

6. Read a book set in a “far away” place

As I have mentioned in previous posts, a great book is a great way to escape. Pick out a book set in place you love, never have been, longing to visit and let your mind wander in the place. Amazon might be delayed, but call up a local book store instead!

7. “Sit” on the steps on the MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York City is incredible and it has been so odd that a landmark of art is so close, yet so far. Thankfully, it is also on the list to tour. You can take tours, learn about the exhibits, and more. Hopefully the next time you’re at the Met it will be in person and we can get coffee after. Click the link here to check it out!

8. “See” your favorite artist in concert

Many artists and musicians are putting on free performances right now. Some have been on Instagram live and other streaming services. Some concerts have been more of a festival style and have consisted of many artists. So save the money you have been wanting to spend on Coachella and see them all in a week!

9. “Listen” to your dream vacation

There are so many podcasts about traveling. Go to your go-to podcast app and search where you want to go. Now you can sit, close your eyes, listen, and pretend you are there yourself. How lovely is that!

10. Lastly, plan a dream trip yourself

This could consist of making a rainy day coin jar and turning it into a future travel jar. Research where you want to go, where you would want to stay, what you would want to do while you are there. With everything planned out, all you now have to do is just save and wait for your chance.

I hope you enjoyed all of these! Here is a bonus tip, Google Arts and Culture has many more resources out there, so if I didn’t mention a museum you love, click here to see if they have it. What are you doing to “travel” right now? What are your favorite travel tv shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos! Comment below, I’d love to hear them!


  • Denise Berwald

    Traveling is my passion so I love all these ideas to travel from home. Every day I search for travel shows by Rick Steves and Samantha Brown and any others I can find. While in a shoebox I have traveled all over the world!

  • Rhonda Dickey

    These are really interesting tips.Thank you so much !, I m planning my. Dream Trip now. Congratulation !! On all your planned future. You are going far with your accomplishments. And again Thank You Lauren Davis!!

  • Paul Tye

    Great ideas. Taking a virtual tour will better prepare us for when the pandemic is over and we actually get to visit the places. I especially like the idea of planning our next dream vacation. It gives us something to look forward to and hope that things will be better. I already feel better just reading your ideas

  • Trish Buckles

    Thank you for all the interesting information! When the virus is over, we are hoping to plan a trip!
    Thank you Lauren!

  • Barbara

    What a great article. Yes I was suppose to be heading to Hawaii so maybe I’ll peruse the internet and go virtually.

  • Darla Clement

    Intriguing article. I never thought about virtually visiting these places.

    It is broadened my mind about opportunities I never before considered

  • Anna Wood

    I’m goNNA TOUR LOUVRE — incredible I had no idea some of these things were well things!!!! Ugh still not the same as seeing these things in person but a great option in the meantime!

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